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We are proud to deliver best-in-class packaged solutions for our customers across the critical industries.

Mineral Resources

Delivering efficient and sustainable accommodation solutions, equipment, water treatment services and beyond to the Asia Pacific's mineral resources sector.

Centurion has a proven track record in providing high quality, reliable and rapidly deployable serviced portable hire camps and modular buildings to our mineral resources customers, specially designed to house personnel on remote projects of all scopes and sizes. Coupled with our efficiency-driven equipment that supports and powers our customers’ operations and comprehensive water & wastewater treatment solutions and services, Centurion is ideally positioned to support the critical, wide-ranging demands of customers in the mineral resources sector.


We support companies in the construction sector with the latest and most efficient technology, robust lifting solutions, inspection services and purpose-built equipment to help them get the job done right.

We offer cutting-edge power generation and distribution systems to suit exact customer requirements on a primary, back up or temporary basis. Centurion can also support construction scopes with a wide range of electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and other power tools to meet the challenges of our customers' construction projects. In addition, we also provide safety-driven lifting equipment and rigorous inspection services for our construction customers.


The right equipment and services to support the critical requirements of the infrastructure sector.

We can provide temporary accommodation, lifting, inspection, power, water treatment and equipment packages to support a wide range of scopes in the infrastructure sector. We are proud to have supported a number of projects with our efficiency focused, safety-driven solutions - including the construction of roads and bridges, water supply resources, and more.

Oil & Gas

Providing safe, efficient and sustainable solutions to the global energy industry.

Centurion provides comprehensive rental packages, equipment and associated services to the world's leading operators in the global energy sectors. We possess an extensive range of premium equipment and experienced personnel, supported by an impressive track record of delivering efficiency, quality and safety to clients. With decades of tangible industry experience under our belt, our skilled personnel and cutting-edge equipment are ideally positioned to support the energy industry's toughest challenges.

We play a vital role in helping customers with critical decommissioning operations. Centurion supplies best-in-class equipment first choice among customers that provide energy decommissioning services, and are deployed both onshore and offshore to meet the needs of the sector.


Supporting renewable energy projects across the world with efficiency driven equipment and services.

Centurion is proud to play a key part in the global energy transition by supporting major renewable initiatives across the Asia Pacific, including a range of critical scopes for major offshore wind projects in the region. We have years of experience, expertise and equipment to support our customers in the sector, and have a proven track record in delivering safe, efficient sustainable packaged solutions. From compressors and back-of-deck equipment to lifting equipment, inspections and cutting-edge subsea equipment - we are ideally positioned to deliver on the unique challenges of our customers in renewable energy.


Offering a range of accommodation, equipment and water treatment solutions for our customers in the agriculture industry.

We play a crucial role in supporting modern agriculture by providing a range of efficiency-driven equipment solutions and industry-leading services that support customers in this vital sector to increase productivity, reduce costs, and adopt sustainable practices. Centurion's portable camp solutions are ideally designed to comfortably house seasonal workers at remote locations, and our cutting-edge water and wastewater treatment solutions can support a host of operational scopes for our agriculture customers.


Ground-breaking solutions to our customers' toughest subsea challenges.

Centurion provides cutting-edge shallow water ROV technology, innovative design engineering, and reliable deck and diver tooling for hire or purchase. Our unmatched innovation coupled with the dependability of our tooling solutions makes us a partner of choice to our customers in the subsea sector - no matter the scale or complexity of the project scope.


We play a critical role in enhancing the resilience, security, and operational capabilities of the global defence sector through specialized equipment and solutions tailored to meet its challenges.

Centurion engineers and manufactures the industry’s most reliable and successfully-tested Blast and Ballistic-Resistant Buildings to protect both personnel and equipment, and provides a diverse range of modular buildings, equipment solutions and subsea technology to meet the rigorous demands of the global defence and security sectors.