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Equipment Rental
& Services

Robust equipment and industry-leading services to meet our customers' lifting requirements.

Centurion Lifting Services' extensive specialized equipment rental fleet and experienced, knowledgeable hire team enables us to deliver reliable lifting, lowering and positioning solutions to our customers without the cost and responsibility associated with owning and operating critical lifting equipment.

Our fleet capability includes Winches, Spoolers, Chain Hoists, Jacks, Portable Cranes, Deck Handling Equipment, Cable Handling Gear, Load Cells, Compressors and Hydraulic Power Units and peripheral accessories to provide complete packaged lift and shift solutions.

Cable Hauling

Centurion Lifting Services' fleet includes an extensive range of Cable Handling Equipment, including Cable Rollers, Capstan Winches, Cable Drum Stands, Spoolers - from compact (8t deadload cap.) up to high load Spooler Units capable of handling 100tonne (deadload) reels - making Centurion Lifting Services one of the leading providers of this niche product line.

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Centurion Lifting Services' unique and extensive hire fleet of chain hoists provides our customers with multiple hoist options, from 0.5 tonne up to 30 tonnes, with long & short fall chain lengths and pendant controls configured to your needs and including Ex Zone Rated hoists.

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We offer Hydraulic Jacking Equipment available globally through our strategically located hubs. At Centurion Lifting Services, we transform industrial challenges into solutions with our effective Hydraulic Jacking Equipment. Our extensive hire fleet of hydraulic jacks and accessories ranges from 5 tonnes to 800 tonnes in varying stroke lengths. Available as individual units or packaged with multiple jacks, hydraulic power units, controls and load cells to provide a complete jacking / positioning / weighing system.

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Loadcells & Running Line Monitors

Centurion Lifting Services offers various Loadcell types for rental, including Compression Cells, Tension Loadcells, Running Line Monitors, and Telemetry Load Shackles. We offer a comprehensive array of Load Monitoring Equipment that can be seamlessly integrated into our packaged solutions or rented as standalone equipment.

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Centurion Lifting Services' extensive fleet of spooler units ranges from small cable drum stands to 100t (deadload) capacity spoolers. Power options include air, hydraulic and electric drives dependent on size and application. Our spoolers are highly utilized in all industrial applications where there is a requirement to deploy or recover any type of spooled product, including ropes, cables, conductors, umbilicals, belts and hoses.

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Centurion Lifting Services' extensive and versatile fleet of air, hydraulic and electric winches is one of the largest in the Asia Pacific region. Conventional drum winches range from 1 tonne capacity up to 150 tonnes, and functionality can be configured to your specific requirements. Available as stand alone rental units or packaged with our air and fluid power units, control systems and load monitoring systems to provide complete lifting, lowering, positioning solutions.

Contact our experienced team to plan and discuss your requirements.

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For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.