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Expert in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities to deliver industry-leading technical buildings.

Bespoke, globally-compliant Technical Buildings to protect your people and assets.

From the challenging environments of the Arctic to the temperature extremes found in tropical regions, Centurion Accommodation & Modular possesses the engineering and manufacturing proficiency required to provide Technical Buildings that safeguard both your personnel and valuable assets. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, rest assured that your team's safety is ensured, and your equipment is securely housed, shielded against the potential repercussions of on-site incidents such as fires, explosions, or seismic events.

Our range of Technical Buildings includes Control Rooms, Local Equipment Rooms, Substation Modules, E-Houses, Electrical Skids, Skid Packages, Trailer Mounted Packages, and Data Centers.


Our Control Rooms are pressurized and come equipped with advanced fire suppression systems and HVAC systems featuring chemical filtration. We offer the option to furnish them with equipment from your preferred and approved manufacturers, all overseen by our team of committed Project Managers. Rest assured that your Control Rooms will be designed to meet and excel in addressing your operational needs.


Our Local Equipment Rooms (LER), designed and manufactured in house, offer a controlled setting for housing cabinets, control system components, consoles, HVAC units, and various other systems and equipment. Each LER is fully adaptable to align with your specific needs and project-related demands, all crafted to adhere to the most rigorous industry standards.


Manufactured in-house to meet the most rigorous certification standards, our Substation Modules undergo pre-commissioning in our yard, ensuring expedited installation and on-site commissioning. Each of our Substation Modules is meticulously designed for durability and minimal maintenance, even in the harshest and most challenging environments.


Manufactured and tested in our facility for deployment in remote areas, our Electrical Skids are comprehensive integrated solutions. We specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of Electrical Skids that deliver dependable and energy-efficient on-site power through cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly techniques. Depending on the specific installation site, we offer Electrical Skids equipped with certified Fire-Resistant Walls, ATEX certification, or tailored to meet specialized HVAC specifications.


Our Skid Packages are manufactured and tested at our facility, tailored for installation in diverse environments. Additionally, we have the capability to design and manufacture Trailer Mounted Packages, offering you a seamless 'plug and play' solution. This approach streamlines scalability, reduces on-site labor and resource requirements, and shortens the mobilization and demobilization process, ensuring efficient project turnaround.


Centurion Accommodation & Modular specializes in the engineering, design, and production of modular Data Centers, encompassing modular building structures, essential power infrastructure, racks, rack PDUs, cable management, cooling systems, and more. Each unit is characterized by its scalability, exceptional agility, and tailored power and cooling solutions. Our Data Centers are manufactured in our facilities, then installed and commissioned on-site, delivering substantial cost and time efficiencies.

For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.