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Supporting customers with the market's most cutting-edge and sustainable industrial compressors.

We have an extensive rental fleet of air compressors of various sizes to support projects and operations of any scale.

Centurion Power & Equipment's range of portable air compressors includes DNV 2.7-2 Safe Zone and Zone II compressors of various sizes. With output ranging from 130cfm (3.68m3/min) to 1600cfm (45.30m3/min), 7bar to 25bar, the units can be mobile, skid mounted, containerized, or crash framed fully DNV 2.7-1 certified to fit your requirements.


These DNV 2.7-1containerized units ensure transportation, on-site stacking, and accessibility for operation and maintenance. Our range of Safe Zone compressors spans from 900cfm to 1000cfm. Notably, the 900cfm model offers up to 11 hours of full-load operation with a smaller footprint, enhancing both capacity and operational duration.


Centurion Power & Equipment's Zone II compressors range from 750cfm to 1600cfm, featuring 590 litre fuel tanks for up to 10 hours of operation at full load, resulting in maximized operational time.

As a rental option, these units are ideal for well testing operations and other applications in hazardous areas. The containerized housing, compact footprint, and forklift slots enable an easy and cost-efficient transportation. Additionally, their stacking ability further reduces the use of deck space onsite. Furthermore, the internal access to upper levels provides your personnel with safe operational and servicing capability.

For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.