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Blast / Ballistic
Protection & Containment

Keeping your people and equipment safe from potentially dangerous blasts and explosions.

We go above and beyond to keep your people and assets safe in the event of a blast or other dangerous situation.

Centurion Accommodation and Modular engineers and manufactures the industry’s most reliable and successfully tested Blast and Ballistic-Resistant Buildings, with virtually unlimited amenities of a traditional brick and mortar building.

We offer bespoke design solutions for Blast-Resistant Modules, crafted to your precise specifications and needs. With our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we collaborate closely with you to ensure that project-specific requirements are met.

In addition, we maintain a rental fleet of Blast-Resistant Modules ready for immediate deployment, featuring a medium response rating of 10 PSI at 200 msec. Engineered to the highest safety standards in our industry, each Blast-Resistant Module adheres to the guidelines of API RP 753 and 752, built upon a proven, successfully blast-tested design. All our modules meet the criteria for low or medium response ratings (low or medium damage), as defined by the American Society of Civil Engineers, ensuring proven protection and peace of mind.


The multi-discipline engineering capability at Centurion Accommodation & Modular is based on our engineering expertise and experience in structural, architectural, mechanical, HVAC, electrical, and instrumentation.

Our experienced engineers provide innovative solutions with global compliance and required blast or ballistic protection for every product designed. Critical services include detailed engineering, site survey, site supervision, pre-commissioning and commissioning, 2D drawing and 3D modelling, as well as FEED studies.

As engineering services experts, we provide:
  • Blast-resistance analysis
  • Ballistic analysis
  • Stress analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • In-place analysis
  • Lifting analysis
  • Weighing analysis
  • Transportation analysis
  • Thermal design
  • Heat load calculations
  • And much more.


We combine the cutting-edge engineering of the industry’s top Blast-Resistant Modules with the virtually unlimited amenities found in a conventional brick-and-mortar office building. This includes offices, conference rooms, control rooms, kitchen and dining areas, locker rooms, utility rooms, restrooms, and more. Whether it's flooring and wall finishes or custom cabinetry and restroom fixtures, we empower you to customize every detail, all while upholding unparalleled standards of durability and safety.


We offer readily available Blast-Resistant Modules for immediate deployment, delivering rapid and established protection that is assured to accommodate the requirements of virtually any project, regardless of its scale. Our standard range of Blast-Resistant Modules available for rental and sale includes modules of various sizes that serve various purposes, from offices and engineering modules, to laboratories, workshops, bunkers, refuge shelters, and more. The units are offered in three widths—8ft (2.4m), 11ft (3.4m), and 12ft (3.6m), and different lengths.


Our Ballistic-Resistant Modules represent the ultimate solution to safeguarding your personnel, equipment and electronics, delivering an array of protective and secure structures to government agencies, refineries, industrial security, and military customers at any threat level. We are focused on providing safe, customizable, and scalable modular spaces to fulfill the diverse requirements of the brave individuals serving in the military and security field around the globe by providing hardened and robust facilities to meet mission-specific requirements.

For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.