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Innovative ROV technology built to tackle complex subsea scopes in the renewables, decommissioning, energy, subsea construction, defence and telecomms industries.

Centurion Subsea Services designs and manufactures ROV systems. To date this has been the AuxROV, TrackROV and MultiROV system.

With a range of in-house components and using our own Gladiator control system we offer flexible innovative designs which have evolved with industry demands.

The Gladiator control system also acts as an ROV upgrade package, replacing ageing electronics and updating their capabilities to today’s technical expectations.


The MultiROV has been designed to offer the operator a flexible solution to subsea remote operations and can be configured to meet changing and demanding operational requirements.

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Designed to replace aging electronics with a cost effective, easy to use, highly capable ROV control system, we have developed our own Gladiator 2 control system.

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Centurion Subsea Services launched the AuxROV in 2016, originally manufactured for route clearance operations in the wind farm market, more specifically boulder clearance utilizing a 10ton Hydraulic Grab.

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Centurion Subsea Services has teamed up with Pangeo Subsea to develop the TrackROV. The TrackROV is an ideal solution for customers in need of an ROV built to perform in low tide, high current working environments.

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