10K - 15K PSI Multipurpose Pumps

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This unique pump has the ability to pump a multitude of fluids and can be used for methanol service with no risk of cross contaminating the ROV’s supply oil. These pumps can be delivered with a variety of different reservoirs and directional control valves rated for 10k and 15k service.

Seanic’s multipurpose pumping system has a 3.8:1 ratio and is capable of pumping fluids to a working pressure of 10,000 psi. The pump is rated for use in 10,000 FSW and is made of corrosion-resistant materials, making it robust and reliable for subsea use. The pump is ideally suited for hydrate remediation work, as it can draw a powerful 22 in HG vacuum.

What's In The Box

  • Spares kit
  • Operating & maintenance manual
Materials316 SS housings, SS fittings
Ni-Al-Brz, piston
Weight78 lbs/35 kg (air)
60 lbs/27 kg (water)
Maximum Output Pressure10,000 psi, 2.5 gpm max flow
Operating PressuresMax HPU input pressure: 2900 psi
Flow rate not to exceed 8 gal/min
HydraulicOil of opportunity
Requires one open-center directional flow valve
Working Depth10,000 FSW
Dimensions36" x 6" x 8"