The 17” Rotary Cutter uses strong Steel jaws to securely clamp on to various structures and cut material from a minimum of 10 inches and up to a maximum of 17 inches in diameter (Slight tool modifications can be conducted for larger cuts).

The jaws are actuated by two hydraulic rams and are adjustable over three different position depending on the diameter of cut. These ensure that the cutter clamps onto and centralises the material being cut. There is a bolt-on guide to aid the cutting of 10” – 14” material. The main body of the cutter is made up from lightweight aluminium. The motor is mounted on a slide to extend and retract the blade position.

The blade itself is stainless steel, tungsten carbide tipped. This means it can easily cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as high-tensile steels with ease. A counterbalance valve is set to stop the weight of the motor and blade from dropping if hydraulic pressure is removed. A variety of blade sizes and types can be mounted onto the blade hub, making this cutter not only light and simple to deploy but highly versatile.