• Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging

  • Industry recognised standard cleaning tool
  • Can be adapted to use as a fluid injection unit
  • Robust, easy to use and easy to fix pumps
  • Very small footprint with integral p.o check, flow control and relief valve
  • Comes complete with all hoses, ROV handle and jetting nozzle

The 220 Bar High-pressure water jetting system is based around the industry standard Dynaset pump. No other pump gives the same power and reliability.

The pump can be connected to any subsea reservoir by the suction port (12 JIC / 3/4” Hosetail) or filter.

The standard high-pressure jetting system has a pressure range from 0.5 – 220 Bar.

The system is supplied with a dual nozzle jetting end for maximum range when cleaning.

Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging