3.2L Compensators (with level sensor option)

  • Compensators & Reservoirs

Key Features

  • Flexible Mounting options
  • Can be connected in a series for increased volume
  • Level Sensor Options
  • Pressure Relief Valve


  • Spares kit
  • Level Sensor

What’s Included

  • Pipe Recovery Tool
  • Compensator
  • Operations Manual
  • Certificate Pack

The 3.2L Compensators are designed to have a small footprint with ease for mounting. With built in Heli-coils on each side of the main body the compensator can be mounted without any additional bracketry.

They are designed to provide submerged vehicles with a positive pressure of incompressible fluid to protect them against seawater ingress.

Built with a corrosion resistant plastic and with the option of a level sensor these units are ideal for compensating ROV system components.

Our standard unit is 3.2Litres however we can provide tailored solutions if required.

Compensators & Reservoirs