• Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging

  • Light Weight and easy to Operate with the ROV manipulator
  • Low Flow Requirement
  • Acid Injection ports on main body as standard

Aleron Acid Injection / Cleaning Brush is an ROV operated motorised rotary brush designed to clean out 12 ½ inch subsea wellheads.

The rotary brush is driven by a hydraulic motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 400 rpm. The motor is also bi-directional can rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. A case drain port on the hydraulic motor prevents over pressurisation of the hydraulic motor during operation.

The rotary brush head has tough, but flexible bristles positioned to provide maximum cleaning. An acid injection port allows acid to be directly pumped into the wellhead through holes in the rotary brush head to assist in the cleaning process.

The fish tail handle attached to the base plate allows the ROV to handle the tool with manipulators and manoeuvre it onto the wellhead.

Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging