Air Driven Gas Booster Unit

  • Gas Booster Unit

The DLE Air Driven Gas Booster is a self-contained unit capable of high pressure gas testing using industrial gases including nitrogen, helium & hydrogen up to 21,750 psi.

Model: DLE75-2-GU

These lightweight yet robust stainless steel units are based on the Maximator DLE series gas booster pump and deliver exceptional performance, reliability and versatility.



21,750 psi (1500 Bar)


Output Pressure Formula

150*air drive + gas inlet pressure

Gas Inlet Pressure

Min: 652 psi (45 Bar). Max: 3.600 psi (248 Bar)

Max Flow Rate

360 NI/min


50 cm ³

Max Air Supply

145 psi (10 Bar)

Air Consumption

4,100 NI/min

Fluid Type

Nitrogen, helium & hydrogen


  • Air filter regulator
  • 63mm dia 0-160 psi/bar air pressure gauge
  • Pump start/stop valve
  • Gas supply valve
  • 100mm dia 0-3,600 psi/bar gas supply pressure gauge, +/- 1%
  • Pressure vent valve
  • Pressure isolate valve
  • 100mm dia 0-23,000 psi/bar gas supply pressure gauge, +/- 1%
  • Pump stroke counter

Gas Outlet Connection

¼” HP(F)

Gas Inlet Connection

¼” BSP(M)

Air Connection

½” BSP(F)

Construction Type

Tubular frame, all stainless steel

Unit Dimensions & Weight

920mm (L) x 410mm (W) x 520mm (H), 47kg

Gas Booster Unit