AZ-1 Series Power Packs

  • Hydro Test Packs

Air operated, hydraulic pumps for pressure testing, chemical injection and hydraulic power.

Available in: AZ-1-19, 36, 58, 107, 140, 187, 275, 425

Equipment Specifications

  • Air filter, lubricator, pressure regulator, pressure gauge and pump start/stop valve
  • 6” dia(150mm) panel mounted pressure gauge
  • Pressure release valve
  • All inter connecting pipe work and fittings
  • Robust stainless steel framework
  • Stroke Counter Fitted

All pumps are fitted with Pneumatic Stroke Counter System to provide and economical way of counting the number of pump cycles.

All pumps are fitted with ¼" BSP Male outlet & Crows Foot air inlet. But can be changed to suit most commonly used fittings

Hydro Test Packs