• Skid Packages

The BOP Shutdown System operates the BOP’s rams with a maximum pressure of 345 Bar at 100 L/min. The systems pressure is built up in two separate stages, this is to seal the well bore effectively and safely. The pressure is switched over manually, but automatic switching can be installed. Stage 1 can deliver a maximum flow rate of 450 L/min at 90 Bar.

The BOP-SS is designed to be run from a 150Hp vehicle and can be used with either water-based glycol, mineral oil or sea water. It has been designed to run directly from the ROV main system with absolutely Zero cross contamination allowing for maximum power input from ROV.

The system comes with 2 x 200L soft fluid reservoir’s as standard then has the ability to switch over and start pumping seawater once the reservoir fluid has been injected.

Skid Packages