Bottle Sampling Particle Counter

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The SBSS Particle Counter is a high accuracy user friendly particle counter suitable for use with mineral and water based hydraulic liquids.

Model: SBSS
  • Volumetric cell design of PAMAS sensors guarantees highest accuracy and resolution for best statistical information
  • Fully compliant method of particle analysis complying with SAE AS 4059
  • System can be easily cleaned and purged when changing from one liquid type to another
  • Built-in pressurised chamber with automatic degas facility
  • Magnetic sample stirrer
  • Supplied with compressor c/w Molecular sieve desiccant, sample jars and printer paper
  • Shipped in a protective Peli transit cases



Printouts according to ISO 4406, SAE AS 4059, NAS 1638

Fluid Compatibility

Mineral and water based hydraulic fluids

Viscosity Range

up to 400 cStokes


1.5 μm(c) according to ISO 11171


Up to 32 free adjustable size channels

Sampling Pressure

Adjustable pressure up to 5 Bar, depending on fluid viscosity

Degas Pressure

-1 Bar, to eliminate the counting of air bubbles

Ambient Temperature

5 °C – 40 °C

Relative Humidity

< 70% RH


Selectable between 100V, 120V, 230V and 240V

User Interface

Fully programmable parameter setup


Printout including all sample parameters, numerical and graphical presentation and all main cleanliness classes


RS-232 serial port


Pamas PMA software available

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