• Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging

  • Lightweight and easy to operate with the ROV manipulator
  • Low Flow Requirement
  • Acid Injection ports on main body as standard

The Ceiba Hub Cleaning Tools are an ROV operated motorized rotary brush/pad designed to clean out the sealing area of the 6-inch Ceiba hub flange.

The rotary brush/pad is driven by a hydraulic motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 400 rpm. The motor is bi-directional but is recommended to be operated in a clockwise direction.

The rotary brush head has tough, but flexible bristles positioned to provide maximum cleaning. An acid injection port allows acid to be directly pumped towards the flexible brushes through holes in the rotary brush head to assist the cleaning process. This ability to inject acid when cleaning is applicable for the rotary pad head configuration.

The modified D-handle attached to the upper guide plate allows the ROV to handle the tool with manipulators and maneuver it onto the hub.

Cleaning, Jetting & Dredging