• ROV Torque Tools, Intervention & Manipulators

  • ISO 13628-8 Fig 18 (API 17D) Class 5
  • Max Torque 6,750 Nm (5,000 ft Ibs)
  • Dual Sensor Electronic Turns Counter
  • Supplied in offshore transit case

This torque tool has been specifically developed to provide the highest level of performance using a high specification motor and robust gearbox in an efficient, low weight assembly.

The socket is specially profiled for easy alignment. A range of control accessories is available including a precision surface torque verification unit for pre-dive testing.

The tool conforms to the ISO 13628-8 Fig 18 Class 5 interface used extensively in the subsea industry for pipeline valve operations by ROV. The tool uses a high specification drive motor for consistent torque output characteristics.

The tool is supplied with a rear mounted turns counter readout to display turns subsea.

ROV Torque Tools, Intervention & Manipulators