Flushing Unit FL20-200

  • Safe Area & Zone Rated Flushing Rigs

20ltr flushing unit suitable for onsite testing.

This unit has been constructed offering our customer’s a simple free standing fixed displacement flushing unit providing 20 litres per minute of flow at a maximum pressure rating of 200 Bar.

The Main pump unit is controlled by a on /off switch, fluid is filtered on the pressure and return side. The circulation valve allows quick clean up of the tank fluid. The filter elements are easily replaced and the filter housing has a by-pass and bypass indicator should the element become clogged.

Additional Features

  • Separate sample point needle valve
  • Tank low level cut off switch
  • Heavy duty crash frame complete with Forklift pockets and Drip Tray

General Tool Specifications

  • Overall Tool Dimensions: | 1,200mm by 640mm by 1100mm
  • Estimated Tool Weight: | 150 kg
  • Electrical Motor: | 3 Phase 7.5 KW
  • Pump: | SSE47 Interpump
  • Pump Performance: | 20 ltr/per min at 200 Bar
  • Filtration: | 3 Micron 99.9% Glass Fibre 8” Pressure & Return Filter
  • Reservoir: | 105 litre
  • RV: | 0 to 200 Bar
  • Connection: | Pressure 2 off 8 JIC male
Safe Area & Zone Rated Flushing Rigs