The Gasket Removal Tool is designed to remove and replace the AX and VX type gaskets inside the wellhead.

The tool is positioned in the wellhead with the ROV manipulators and the piston is actuated, extending the shoes to the inner wall of the gasket. The hydraulic pressure from the cylinder and textured face of the acetal shoes allows the tool to grip the gasket and extract it from the wellhead. There are no metal components outside the diameter of the shoes to prevent scoring of the inside surface of the wellhead. Should there be a loss of hydraulic pressure after extraction of the gasket, there are springs fitted to the tool to keep it in the extended position, preventing the gasket from slipping off the tool.

The tool is supplied with two sets of shoes for 16 ¾” and 18 ¾” gaskets. The shoes on the tool can be easily changed in the field depending on the gasket size.