Heat Suppression


Centurion Power & Equipment is a specialist provider of cutting-edge heat suppression services that put safety at the forefront.

We improve the safety and efficiency of offshore operations with the use of a flare boom system that includes fully certified nozzles, utilising Free Flow Nozzle Technology that maintains water profile even when rig or marine debris is found within existing pipework systems, reducing the risk of downtime during flaring operations due to blocked nozzles.

This system has an internationally proven track record and is notably the only system on the market which is independently certified.

The 'Flareboom Nozzle' system can be installed onshore, mitigating the requirements for crane operations and significantly reducing overboard operations offshore, and can be stowed when not in-use between well test operations.

This is the only system in the world that can leave the flare boom walkway clear of the primary thermal attenuation nozzle enabling UK HSE legislation to be adhered to at all times. This will ensure that the Well Test Operators have clear access and egress to complete any maintenance work required on the flare boom.

Working closely with clients, installations and operators, every Heat Suppression system is specifically adapted for each individual operation based on client specified flow rates, location specific certification and zoning requirements, installation surveys, through FlareSim reports generated at specific wind speeds and directions, piping and layout drawings, operational recording of surface temperature and flare thermal radiation, all combine to ensure continued compliance with API 521 thermal attenuation standards.

  • DNV Approved Design & Manufactured – Hang Off Frames
  • Rig Survey Reports
  • Additional Ancillary Items – Standard Canvas Covers & Heat Reflective
  • Rigsafe & Zone II Control Panels for Dual Submersible Pumps
  • Flare simulation – drawings thermal study & flow simulation
  • Specialist Measuring Equipment – BTU (Radio meter), Surface Temp Fun, Noise Meter
  • Methanol Fire Detection & Suppression Systems – Enviro-Guard
  • DPM 1900 Portable Monitors

Heat suppression support equipment within the Centurion Power & Equipment fleet includes the Enviro-Guard Fire system, developed for use primarily with methanol storage tanks and is additionally compatible with other flammable substances required during or out with well test operations.

Utilising both DF-130 mobile units with AR-AFFF bio-degradable foam and Flir thermal imaging cameras allows fire team assistance with optimal foam deployment during firefighting operations and conformation of successful extinguishment allowing safe approach to area.