Manipulator Intelligent Valve Pack

  • ROV Components & Manipulators

Key Features

  • Enables Fully Proportional Control
  • Rate Control of All Joints on Software
  • Gamepad and T4 like Pendant control options
  • Custom GUI
  • Close Fitted IVP
  • 2 hoses and 1 cable to connect
  • Compact
  • No electric sensors required with arm


  • Atlas, Orion and T4 manipulator
  • Spares Kit

What’s Included

  • Manipulator Control Valve Pack
  • Laptop with Software.
  • Pendant and/or gamepad controller
  • Operational Hoses
  • Operations Manual
  • Certificate Pack

Our Manipulator Control Valve Packs were designed to enable fully proportional control of manipulators. The Atlas manipulators are becoming more popular as a robust 7 function system. Used with the CSS IVP and software we are able to offer fine control of these systems.

Gamepad and T4 like pendant control options.

All our valve packs are supplied with a laptop installed with our in-house control software.

The Software provides control to the Board via RS232 / RS 485 which in turn can drive both on / off and proportional valves.

Our PCB’s and software are all developed and controlled in house to ensure we can provide the best long-term support. We also have Thruster Control, TMS Control, General Function and ROV Tooling Valve Packs available.

The CSS pendant and gamepad are offered for different control preferences.

ROV Components & Manipulators