• Deck Tools

  • Can recover up to 10m lengths of pipe
  • Crane Deployed
  • Can recover pipes up to 24in Diameter
  • SWL of 16Te
  • ROV grab bars for manoeuvrability subsea

The Pipe Recovery Tool is designed to recover cut lengths of pipeline from the seabed floor and return to deck during decom operations. The tool is designed to be crane deployed and can recover lengths from approx. 4m – 10m of cut pipe.

The tool consists of two large pipe grabs positioned at either end of the tool with a total SWL of 16Te. A hotstab receptacle with pressure gauge and counterbalance valve to open & close the two grabs and ensure pressure can be ‘locked in’ allowing the grabs to remain open or closed when the hotstab is removed from the receptacle.

The tool also has two ROV grab bars at either end of the tool, so that the tool can be positioned subsea by the ROV and also a ROV grab bar next to the hotstab receptacle to stabilize the vehicle.

Deck Tools