Safe Area Flush & Test Rig G515FTR

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The G515FTR Flush and Test Rig is a general purpose electrically driven flushing rig complete with integral air driven test system suitable for use with water glycol and hydraulic oil systems that require an SAE AS4059 Class 6B-F (NAS 6) level of cleanliness.

Model: G515FTR
  • All stainless steel construction frame complete with integral drip tray and removable cover panels
  • Suitable for use with both water glycol and hydraulic oil systems
  • Directional control valve for use with double acting systems such as actuators
  • In-line particle counter connection point, 3/8" NPT(F)
  • Tank mounted purge valve allowing for easy cleaning of the system when changing from one liquid type to another


5,000psi & 26LPM flushing/15,000psi test.



Safe area use

Fluid type

Oil & water based liquids, 1.5cSt to 200cSt


Pressure: 3 micron. Return: 3 micron. Both filters c/w bypass & indicator


Air blast cooler c/w 40 deg C thermostat

Reservoir & Equipment

400 Ltr usable, level gauge, filler/breather, access hatch, drain valve, low level switch and ½” NPT(F) tank fill point

Construction Type

Mobile, box section, fully enclosed with removable panels. All st/st

Handling facilities

Fork lift pockets, lifting eyes c/w slings & shackles

Unit dimensions & Weight

1.7m L x 0.95m W x 1.45m H, 1100 kg (tare) 1500 kg (gross)

Flushing PumpTest Pump

Pump type & manufacturer

Dynex PF4312.HXVB.11/12

Air driven Maximator G150LVES

Power Supply

3 ph, 50hz, 415V, IP55

100 psi, 90scfm

Hydraulic Pump Capacity

Dynex: 26 ltrs/min, 5,000 psi

1.35 ltrs/min, 15,000 psi


  • Directional control valve
  • Pressure regulator
  • 0-6k psi pressure gauge
  • Return line flow meter
  • System PSV (set 5.2k)
  • Sample point
  • Electrical control panel with power isolator, pump and cooler controls
  • Air regulator
  • Air on/off valve
  • Pressure vent valve
  • Pressure isolate valve
  • 0-20k psi pressure gauge
  • Air filter, panel mount pump on/off valve, air regulator & gauge

Hydraulic Connections

Flushing Outlet: 2x 3/4" NPT(F)

Test Outlet: 2x 3/8” MP(F)

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