Sea Chest Covers - Multiple Sizes

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Seanic has designed and manufactured ROV - Installable Sea Chest Covers in a variety of sizes.

Seanic has designed and manufactured ROV - Installable Sea Chest Covers in a variety of sizes, used for UWILD and for marine maintenance activities on subsea platforms.

Seanic's Sea Chest Covers are used to plug the open flange during inspection and maintenance campaigns. The Sea Chest Cover operation and functionality is imperative to the successful sealing off of the internal hull while personnel and equipment are inside performing the inspection and maintenance. The differential pressure at the sea chest flange provides a sealing mechanism allowing for the seal face of the Sea Chest Cover to stay in place and prevent seawater from entering into the sea chest flange. Clamping mechanisms on the sea chest covers provide additional security for the connection and sealing force. An internal sealing element as a secondary measure to prevent any additional seawater from entering the hull in the event of a slow failure of the primary face seal. The design of Seanic's Sea Chest Covers is ROV friendly and capable of being deployed and installed efficiently. Seanic's API 17H FLOT and Class 1-4 torque tool is used to deploy and lock the Sea Chest Cover onto the sea chest flange.

What's In The Box

  • 100% Tie Offs
  • Face Seal
  • Bladder
  • API 17H Hot Stab with Hoses or Oberdorfer pumping System with Hoses, Gauges and Hot Stab
  • Operating & Maintenance
FeaturesDual seal, seal void pressure monitoring
Deployment frames as required
Easy and quick placement and removal
SizesCurrent covers from 4 in to 48 in diameter (102mm to 1219mm)
WeightIn air: from 80 lbs to 1200 lbs (36 kg to 544 kg)
In water: from 30 lbs to 100 lbs (14 kg to 45 kg)
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