• Skid Packages

  • Can be adapted to fit any work class
  • Aides ultra-shallow water ROV operations
  • Can be equipped with multiple tools and sensors
  • Can assist the WROV working through high currents

The ROVQUIP tracked skid is the ultimate tool for ultra-shallow water survey and manipulator operations.

With a few simple connections the WROV goes from free swimming to tracked mode allowing the ROV to work on the seabed through currents where ‘free flying’ isn’t possible.

The skid comes equipped with a dedicated 10 station valve pack and control software with a joystick for controlling the tracks.

The subsea tracks are designed to work in all but exceptionally soft conditions with ease. The rubber track has been designed with flexible edges so that it can deflect over obstacles whilst travelling or manoeuvring.

The ability of the track to mould itself to the terrain also ensures the lowest possible ground pressure for the size of track.

The heavy-duty track rollers and idlers use phosphor bronze bearings and chrome plated stainless steel shafts and are sealed with high-pressure lip seals protected with stainless steel labyrinth seals.

Grease lubrication allows any contamination to be easily flushed out during routine servicing to give unrivalled reliability in all conditions.

The Track Base Skid can be used for a variety of tasks including;

  • Deploying and operating dredging equipment
  • UXO Survey using sensors such as the SBI or TSS
  • Cable depth of burial surveys
  • Structural cleaning operations with long reach manipulators
Skid Packages