• Industry recognised cutter.
  • Easy blade change out.
  • Hydraulic Anvil allows for heavy duty wire cutting.

The Webtool 75mm cutter is a hydraulically operated, double acting wire cutter. The 75mm cutter can cut wire rope with a maximum 75mm diameter with a maximum tensile strength of 1770 N/mm. It can also be used to cut cables of similar material, such as electrical power or communication cables.

The tool can be easily operated by an ROV, with the compliant handle fitted, due to open sided design enables the tool to be easily positioned on the cable to be cut.

The tool incorporates an integrated interlock system that ensures that the blade will not travel until the anvil is fully deployed. The tool also incorporates an integrated hydraulic intensifier and relief valve allowing the tool to be run directly from the ROV hydraulic system. The long life of the blade and anvil reduces downtime for maintenance and cost of repairs.