Zone 2 Flush & Test Rig Z2515FTR

  • Electric Driven Flushing Rigs

The Z2515FTR Flush and Test Rig is a general purpose electrically driven flushing rig complete with integral air driven test system suitable for use with water glycol and hydraulic oil systems that require an SAE AS4059 Class 6B-F (NAS 6) level of cleanliness.

Model: Z2515FTR
  • All stainless steel construction frame complete with integral drip tray and removable cover panels
  • Suitable for use with both water glycol and hydraulic oil systems
  • Directional control valve for use with double acting systems such as actuators
  • In-line particle counter connection point, 3/8" NPT(F)
  • Tank mounted purge valve allowing for easy cleaning of the system when changing from one liquid type to another

Full Product Certification to ATEX Category II 3G Ex nA IIB T3




Zone 2

Fluid type:

Oil & water based liquids, 1.5cSt to 200cSt.


Pressure: 3 micron. Return: 3 micron. Both filters c/w bypass & indicator.


Air blast cooler c/w 40 deg C thermostat.

Reservoir & Equipment

400 Ltr usable, level gauge, filler/breather, access hatch, drain valve, low level switch and ½” NPT(F) tank fill point.

Construction Type

Mobile, box section, fully enclosed with removable panels. All st/st.

Handling facilities

Fork lift pockets, lifting eyes c/w slings & shackles.

Unit dimensions & Weight

1.7m L x 0.95m W x 1.45m H, 1100 kg (tare) 1500 kg (gross).

Flushing Pump

Test Pump

Pump type & manufacturer

Dynex PF4312.HXVB.11/12

Air driven Maximator G150LVES

Power Supply

3 ph, 50hz, 415V, IP55

100 psi, 90scfm

Hydraulic Pump Capacity

Dynex: 26 ltrs/min, 5,000 psi

1.35 ltrs/min, 15,000 psi


Directional control valve

Pressure regulator

0-6k psi pressure gauge

Return line flow meter

System PSV (set 5.2k)

Sample point

Electrical control panel with power isolator, pump and cooler controls

Air regulator

Air on/off valve

Pressure vent valve

Pressure isolate valve

0-20k psi pressure gauge

Air filter, panel mount pump on/off valve, air regulator & gauge

Hydraulic Connections

Flushing Outlet: 2x 3/4" NPT(F)

Test Outlet: 2x 3/8” MP(F)

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