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Wire Rope

Ensuring the structural integrity of your wire rope with safety and efficiency-driven non-destructive testing services.

Utilizing the latest in intelligent magnetic rope inspection technology, the Centurion Lifting Services inspection team provide wire rope non-destructive testing services.

These tests are critical in reducing the risk of rope failure in service and allowing asset managers to optimize the operating life of engineered ropes in the field. Non-destructive testing allows for the survey of rope whilst in service and without having to clean the rope of normal lubricant and contaminants. This makes it a viable, low impact option, creating the potential to save on costly rope replacements and add value to decarbonization strategies.

Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) provides a comprehensive description of the possible defects of the ropes and the magnetic inductive method is considered the most reliable for internal inspection and 100% scanning of the rope for defects and loss of material.

MRT is common to inspect:
  • Ropes of Lifting Equipment
  • Guided structures (Flare Stacks, Masts, Antennas)
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Heavy lifting operations
  • Cableways
  • Civil structures
  • Elevators
  • Bridges

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