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An extensive selection of air, diesel, electric, and hydraulic winches for offshore, mining, industrial, domestic use and beyond.

Centurion Lifting Services provides a range of air, diesel, electric, and Hydraulic Winches, covering various applications, such as lifting, pulling, man riding, constant tension, and capstans.

All the Winches we offer for rent are serviced and tested prior to dispatch. We also provide the option to have them spooled with either brand new or high-quality used rope, tailored to your specific termination preference upon request.

Our Winches are equipped with NATA Function Testing and boasts Certified Lift Points, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including offshore, mining, industrial, or domestic use.

Explore our diverse Winch collection, and don't hesitate to contact us for inquiries about availability and expert guidance on choosing the perfect Winch for your upcoming project.


We stock a vast range of Air Winches for lifting, hauling, constant tension & man riding applications. With a range from under 1T to 18T, they are an effective solution for most applications.

Why choose an Air Winch:
  • Simple, rugged, reliable sources of enormous lifting and pulling power for their weight
  • Air motors cannot burn out; they can be stalled all day without damage, making air winches ideal for tensioning applications, such as holding a barge in place
  • Exceptional load “spotting” ability
  • Variable speed control
  • Well-suited for applications in hot, cold, dusty, dirty, explosive and wet conditions
  • They pose no electric shock hazard and require no special enclosures
  • Unlimited duty cycle
  • Easy to service, maintain, and repair.


We are one of the exclusive distributors of an impressive range of self-contained Diesel Winches designed for a wide array of lifting or hauling applications. Many of our Diesel Winches feature forklift pockets and are self-bounded. With a diverse range spanning from 2T to 80T, these Winches are a highly effective solution in a multitude of applications.

Why choose a diesel winch:
  • Simple, rugged, and reliable sources of enormous lifting and pulling power
  • Compact all-in-one solution
  • No external power source required
  • No hoses or clutter around the job site
  • Very easy to operate.


We stock a select range of 240V & 415V Winches for lifting or hauling applications. With a range of Lifting Winches from 400kg to 900kg, Capstan Winches 2.5T to 5T, and Hauling Winches at 10T, these may be a solution when other power sources are not convenient.

Why choose an Electric Winch:
  • A simple source of lifting and pulling power
  • Most electric winches have a lightweight compact design for easy installation
  • Electric power sources are easy to come by in industrial and mining applications
  • Electric lifting winches feature an electromagnetically spring applied fail-safe brake and pendant controls
  • Very easy to operate.


We stock a wide range of Hydraulic Winches for lifting, hauling, constant tension and man riding applications. Ranging from 2.5T to 150T, our Hydraulic Winches are an effective solution in many applications.

Why choose a Hydraulic Winch:
  • Rugged and reliable sources of enormous lifting and pulling power
  • Hydraulic motors have an unlimited duty cycle
  • Allow for increased line pull control through pressure adjustment
  • Variable speed control
  • Through the use of our PLC unit, our hydraulic winches have the facility for constant tension applications.


We carry a range of Ingersoll Rand Man-Rider Winches.

Ingersoll Rand’s offering of dedicated and dual purpose (utility & personal lifting) Man Rider™ Winches are known worldwide as the standard for meeting the toughest personnel lifting requirements in the industry.

These rugged, oilfield tough winches have Type Approval or Independent Review certificates issued by the classification societies of ABS, DNV or LRS, and meet NPD, NMD and UK HSE regulations for personnel lifting operations.

For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.