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A comprehensive range of cable hauling equipment to serve a broad spectrum of electrical cabling installation needs.

Providing dependable cable hauling solutions, from single roller to complete packaged cable hauling equipment solutions.

Centurion Lifting Services provides a robust selection of cable hauling equipment, including winches, cable reel stands, and rollers, designed to meet diverse electrical installation needs.

For dependable cable hauling solutions, consult with the Centurion Lifting Services team. Our offerings include:

  • Cable rollers and guides
  • Winches
  • Cable drum stands and accessories.

Centurion Lifting Services is equipped to fulfil all your project requirements with robust and reliable equipment, supported by our experienced and specialized team. Whether you need a single roller or a complete, customized cable hauling equipment package, we tailor our solutions to fit the unique demands of each project.


We carry Cable Drum Stands in 2T to 20T SLW, as well as a range of driveable Spoolers (Reelers) from 4T to 100T for smooth rapid deployment of cable. Our range of Cable Drum Stands includes:

  • 2T Scissor Type Stands
  • 3T and 5T Collapsible Stands
  • 5T Upright Stands
  • 10T Hydrokat Cable Drum Stands
  • 20T Fixed Drum Stands.


Centurion Lifting Services provides a wide range of Cable Rollers and Guides, including:

  • Nylon Trench Rollers and Flat Trench Rollers
  • Split Lock Guides and Bell Mouth Guides
  • Cable Tray Window Rollers
  • 90° Roller Frames and Manhole Entry Rollers 90°
  • Corner Roller Segments
  • Pivoting Cable Bend Rollers
  • Single Roller Guides 140 and Raised Trench Roller Guides 140.


We also provide a selection of Cable Hauling Equipment Accessories to complement your project needs, including:

  • Shackles
  • Cable Swivels
  • Cable Socks (in various types).

Each accessory in our range is carefully chosen for its durability and effectiveness, ensuring your cable hauling tasks are completed with added efficiency and safety.

For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.