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An assortment of heavy-duty chain hoists designed to accommodate diverse project requirements.

Centurion Lifting Services provides a comprehensive selection of chain hoist rental solutions tailored for a variety of lifting and lowering operations.

Our assortment of heavy-duty chain hoists, available in multiple chain lengths, is designed to accommodate any industrial project requirement. Our chain hoists come in both compact air-powered and manual configurations, ideal for use in tight spaces. We rely on top-quality JDN and Ingersoll Rand air chain hoists, offering controls with pilot air pendants and E-stop options as needed. We provide a range of chain lengths that can be custom configured to meet your specific needs, complete with chain buckets if necessary.

Each chain hoist from Centurion Lifting Services is delivered in specially designed containers, ensuring the equipment's protection during transit and aiding in a safe, straightforward setup. Centurion Lifting Services' unique and extensive hire fleet of chain hoists provides our customers with multiple hoist options, from 0.5 tonne up to 30 tonnes, with long & short fall chain lengths and pendant controls configured to your needs and including Ex Zone Rated hoists.

At Centurion Lifting Services, we offer a vast supply of chain hoists, block and tackle, and chain blocks, available for both short-term and long-term hire, ensuring we meet all your project demands.


Centurion Lifting Services offers a versatile range of Manual Chain Hoists, catering to a variety of lifting needs with capacities ranging from 1T to 20T. These hoists are available with different height of lift options, including chain drops of 3m, 6m, and 12m, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for diverse operational requirements. Designed for efficiency and safety, our manual chain hoists are an ideal choice for precise lifting in various industrial applications.


We provide a comprehensive selection of Electric Hoists, designed to accommodate a wide range of lifting capacities from 230kg to 7,500kg. These hoists offer varying lift speeds, ranging from 1.8 m/min to 14 m/min, depending on their lifting capacities. Engineered for precision and efficiency, our electric hoists are ideal for diverse industrial lifting tasks, ensuring reliability and safety across various applications.


Centurion Lifting Services offers compact air chain hoists, ideal for efficient lifting and lowering in restricted spaces. Our selection includes high-quality JDN and Ingersoll Rand chain hoists, with control options such as chain pull or pilot air pendant, featuring optional E-Stop for enhanced safety. Expanding our specialized equipment hire range, we now provide wireless remote-controlled air chain hoists, a practical solution for scenarios where pendant controls are not feasible.

Our air chain hoists are available in both standard and Zone Rated configurations, catering to a variety of needs. With diverse sizes and chain lengths, they are perfectly suited for construction, maintenance, mining, and offshore applications, adhering to mining and offshore standards. To ensure ease of handling and secure storage, all our air chain hoists are transported in purpose-designed containers.

For further information on our comprehensive range of products and services please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.