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An innovative, cost-effective and simple-to-operate ROV control system to replace your aging electronics.

Gladiator Control System

Centurion Subsea Services' Gladiator control system is designed to replace aging electronics with a cost effective, easy to use, highly capable ROV control system.

Developed in-house, we have a range of subsea and surface PCB boards which are used to upgrade and operate any ROV system. This has been used extensively as the control system on our AuxROV & MultiROV vehicles.

The new Gladiator Control System builds on the basic components of the original design. However, it is now a network-based system with the emphasis on a flexible and scalable solution using high speed fiber optics and messaging protocols.

The Gladiator Control System is designed to be user friendly with minimal complexity and minimal components while offering state-of-the-art electronics high-speed networking and fiber optics.

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