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Sludge Dewatering

Centurion Water & Wastewater Solutions provides a Sludge Dewatering System designed to address the challenge of disposing sludge regularly produced by wastewater treatment plants.

As an alternative to carting liquid sludge, which contains some 80% water off-site, Centurion Water & Wastewater Solutions has identified that significant savings can be made by utilizing a simple sludge dewatering unit that can provide on-site treatment of liquid sludge into a cake, which can then be disposed to landfill. The Sludge Dewatering can be done via Geobag (CWWS-GB) or Screw Press (CWWS-SP).

The Sludge Dewatering System will then draw from the sludge storage tank(s) through to the pump room where it is dosed with polymer to assist in the flocculation. The sludge is then transferred to an inline screw press (CWWS-SP) or Geo bag (CWWS-GB), where it can entrap the sludge and the excess water (supernatant) will drain and be captured. For CWWS-SP, the compressed sludge (or sludge cake) will then travel through the incline auger and via its chute be disposed direct to a bulky bag. For CWWS-GB, the sludge cake will be stored inside the geobag. Once the geobag is full and the sludge has dried sufficiently, it is removed to the disposal area.

A return pump will collect the supernatant from the bunded area and return to the start of the WWTP for processing. Therefore, providing a closed loop circuit and a more environmentally sound solution.

Please contact Centurion Water & Wastewater Solutions for any queries related to our Sludge Dewatering System, including any additional pre-treatment and post-treatment required.

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