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The CWWS-MBR system is an advanced technology to treat domestic strength raw sewage to achieve Department of Health (DOH) “High Risk (Class A+)” effluent quality.

The effluent quality is suitable to be used for beautification of campgrounds, in the process water, for firewater (if separate from potable/raw water), dust suppression, and other permissible uses.

Sewage shall be transferred from the sewage pump station to the inlet screen. The screen will collect the foreign matter in the waste stream, then dispose of the matter via an enclosed chute to a sealed bagging unit that disposes directly into a wheelie bin. The balance tank will receive the influent post screening and be pumped from the balance tank to the anoxic tank via the balance pump. The wastewater is retained in the anoxic chamber where denitrification takes place before overflowing via a weir into the aerobic and MBR chambers. The nitrate rich mixed liquor from the aerobic chamber is recycled back to the anoxic tank to complete the denitrification reaction. Sludge is recycled from the MBR to the aerobic tank to maintain MBR MLSS. The wastewater is then filtered via the membranes and pumped to treated effluent tank(s). The treated effluent will then be recirculated through the tank and dosed with sodium hypochlorite. A chlorine residual analyzer will consistently measure the levels of chlorine and pH in the treated effluent to ensure compliance with the specification.

The CWWS-MBR is a special engineered design, which can handle influent concentrations as detailed in the table below:

ParameterUnits Influent Effluent
pHpH units6.5 - 8.56.5 - 8.5
E Colicfu/100mL-<1
Chlorinemg/L-0.2- 2.0

Please contact Centurion Water & Wastewater Solutions for any queries related to our MBR system, including any additional Sewage Pump Station and post-treatment required.

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