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The CWWS-SBR system provides a cost-effective solution based on uncomplicated technology in use on many sites across Australia. This type of system is familiar to many plant operators and straightforward for new operators or maintenance personnel to understand.

SBR systems operate in a five-step mode:

  • Filling of the reactor basin
  • A reaction phase
  • A settling phase
  • A decant phase
  • An idle phase.

The reaction phase is a combination of anoxic and aerobic phases to achieve high levels of BOD and nitrogen removal. The SBR Tank can be constructed with Mild Steel Polyurethane/Polyurea epoxy or panel liner tank or SS316. They are designed and assembled in-house and fully factory tested where possible, thus minimizing tank and pipe installation work on site. The systems only require an inlet connection to the inlet screen and electrical power connection to the control panel.

This is an advanced form of wastewater treatment supplied in a simplistic format for the budget conscious, offering minimal mechanical and maintenance interference. The CWWS-SBR is a special engineered design, which can handle influent concentrations as detailed in the table below:

pHpH units6.5 - 8.56.5 - 8.5
E Colicfu/100mL-<1000
Chlorinemg/L-0.2 - 2.0

Please contact Centurion Water & Wastewater Solutions for any queries related to our SBR system, including any additional sewage pump stations or post-treatment required for higher effluent quality standards.

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