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Brackish Water Reverse
Osmosis (BWRO)

The CWWS-BWRO system is simple, compact, and effective to remove minerals and salts from Brackish Water (Total Dissolved Solid/TDS is less than 5,000 mg/L and Total Suspended Solid/TSS is less than 30 mg/L) that is unsuitable for drinking, irrigation, or industry into pure/potable water.

The CWWS-BWRO system is designed with efficiency and ease of operation in mind. The CWWS-BWRO is a skid mounted or containerized system. The major common components in the CWWS-BWRO system includes a low-pressure pump, media filtration, cartridges filtration, anti scalant dosing system, pressure vessels with spiral wound membrane elements, high pressure pump, Chemical in Place (CIP) and auto flushing system, and control and instrumentation with fail-safe devices.

Depending on the feed water quality and treated water quality requirements, pre-treatment and post-treatment BWRO system may be required, such as a settling tank, lamella clarifier, dissolved air floatation, heavy metal including iron/manganese removal, pre/post chlorination, pre/post pH adjustment, de-chlorination, ultrafiltration, disinfection, remineralization, and continuous electro deionization.

Please contact Centurion Water & Wastewater Solutions for any queries of BWRO system included any additional special pre-treatment and post-treatment required.

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